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Why Women Love Men’s Watches


Couldn’t resist contributing a quote to this story, for old times’ sake. 


Curly-Girl Secrets


Those are my real actual curls, on my real actual self (at a real actual work event where I am clearly hyper-aware of the photographer–very cool, right?) and suffice to say, I have OPINIONS about how to care for them.  Read all about it on

My Instagram Made Me Fat


Since I’ve moved into the social media world, I’ve been writing less and photographing/analyzing/content strategizing more. But after taking a long, hard look at my own social media, I returned to my roots for for this piece on the dark side of food Instagramming. 

The Hardest-Working People in Fashion


Delighted to offer my way-too-personal reminisces of the Kardashian/West wedding in this story on social media managers in the fashion world over at

New Job News!


After two exciting, stimulating, and high-growth years at, I’m excited to announce I’m moving over to as their Social Media Manager! I’ll be writing less, but tweeting and Facebooking as much as ever, so follow us and keep in touch with one of the fastest-growing fashion media companies in the business.

Beautiful Indian Ad Goes Viral

landscape-1434133396-girlcrop1A new shopping site made waves recently with a new ad featuring a lesbian couple–the first of its kind to air in the country. Watch it here and share as a testament to the power of love.

Ready for Summer?


A rhetorical question, at this point. So I rushed it and went to Palm Beach just before the close of the season. Get tips from me (and our local experts!) here.