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Must Download App: Super

I had a long chat with Twitter founder Biz Stone, and he is as disorienting, stimulating, and brilliant as always. Read all about his newest project, Super.

I Spent 7 Days on Beyonce’s Vegan Diet

And I DID live to tell the tale. Read all about it herelandscape_nrm_nrm_1426022803-bey.

Dita von Teese Has A Secret


Watching her perform is truly incredible. Oh, and she has some pretty amazing packing tips, too.

Kim Kardashian Is Not Like You and Me


Especially not when she’s skiing. I contextualize her Instagrams, for your amusement and mine.

Mariah Carey is Truly The Best Part of Christmas


As this listicle clearly shows. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Mount Holyoke Admits Transgender Students


Truly proud of my alma mater today for announcing a sane, logical, and practical policy in line with our core values.

The Most Successful Companies Hire Women & Millenials

Yay for us! Hopefully HR departments everywhere are listening…